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Lariel's Fatal Frame Game Review

Fatal Frame

Rated: 6

At this point, I DO know that I still quake at the idea of facing those horrors, but it is still unclear if I enjoyed that game throughly or not.

Gameplay is good. What I enjoy most will be blasting the knickers out of those hostile ghost. Combining combo shots to just shave off their lives makes me just scream aloud in joy. You would too, after numerous hours of being assaulted by these assess. I only complain that All Gods Village is simply too large. Without a map, you're bound to get loss. Stacking up healing items are absolutely a must, or you would never be able to surpass Night 3, with all those random hostile ghosts around.

Sometimes I thought that Fatal Frame II had dragged the entire thing too long. Look here; to open ONE. STINKING'.

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Lariel's Kiniro no Corda Tv Review

Kiniro no Corda

Rated: 6

Let's say I've wasted three days finishing Kiniro No Corda, which certainly dragged on like a snail. Eventually I decided to grade this a "it was fun while it lasted, but I am never going to watch this again. No, good sire. Not even to drool over Len Tsukimori and his genius skills with the violin."

For the society members out there who enjoy harem shows, I would definitely recommend Kiniro no Corda. Ignore my blasted insults above and go ahead. You might think differently. For you guys who are values sensibility and practicality out there, hear my advice: head straight for the manga and never the anime. Even better, don't touch anything related to the series, with the OSTs as an exception. For some absurd reason, this series was extremely draining. Not out of pure suspense, see.

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Lariel's Touka Gettan Tv Review

Touka Gettan

Rated: 7

Touka Gettan is somewhat between the border of good and average, but it doesn't go beyond that, nor does it belong to the "it's-so-bad-why-did-I-ever-watch-this" category, unless you're more conservative than the average person and you can't stand slight exposure. Touka Gettan is a mixture of harem-ism, humor, romance, but it particularly focuses on the supernatural happenings within the land of Kamitsumihara and it's connection to each characters. It rather digs into depth, but not to a point where you will find yourself immersed in suspense. Touka Gettan has various arcs that surprisingly connects, leading to the end. The fillers episodes also contains fragments and hints that pushes us towards guessing the possible incidents that may happened.

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Lariel's Clannad Tv Review


Rated: 7

So far I would say it's entertaining, and it almost pains me to put an 8- for I really quite enjoyed the show from top to bottom, but to be fair and critical, it doesn't go really higher than that. I constantly get the impression that KEY's 'angsty feel' is not present within Clannad. Of course, Kotomi and Fuuko's arc tugged on my heartstrings and made me shed a few tears here and there- who wouldn't?-as well as the ending, but other than that and a few humorous and silly scenes (Tomoya's lies about Sunohara loving him had me cracking up like an idiot), I guess Clannad didn't really mean much to me.

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Lariel's Lelouch of the Rebellion Tv Review

Lelouch of the Rebellion

Rated: 8

Humor is not very present in Code Geass as it more focused upon battle scenes, but somehow, everything within Code Geass fits in place- piece of puzzles to form a picture. Code Geass leaves its viewers wondering and pondering about its climax, a trait which is much appreciate, considering the sad fact that most animes do not contain any longer. Code Geass was certainly enjoyable. Certain parts drove me annoyed and sometimes disgusted when I re-watched it, such as the whining of Shirley and a scene with Nina Einstein which I would not like to describe, but I would give the presentation a well deserved '8'.

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Lariel's Izumo 2 Tv Review

Izumo 2

Rated: 6

It could have been better if the artist focuses on improving the plot and the designs on the character. Though I have to say, the brief appearance of Kagutsuchi and Amaterasu rather interests me, for both names originated from the Japanese Gods. Himiko ending up with Takeshi was really not what I expected. Few scenes hold humour and action, but other than that, nada, zip. I think the characters in Izumo talk more than they act. And the constant switching of places and timeline slightly confuses me. But if you prefer light animes than dark, overbearing ones, Izumo is a good opinion. Don't expect heavy battles scenes though. A bizzare show.

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